The Proper Way to Promote a Post

There are generally two ways to promote a Facebook page post:

  1. Boost the Post
  2. Convert the Post into an Ad

Always choose the second option.

Never boost a post unless you are technically unable to convert the post into an ad. Post boosting should be considered as backup option when technical limitations prevent you from using the Facebook Ads Platform.

Benefits of Post Ads vs Post Boosts

  • Post Ads can reuse your existing campaign structure
  • Post Ads have more granular budget allocations
  • Post Ads have more specific and flexible audience targeting
  • Post Ads keep your existing campaign structure clean

How to Convert a Post into an Ad

  1. Create your post as you normally would.
  2. In Facebook Ads Manager, go to Create & Manage > Page Posts
  3. Select Published or Scheduled Posts in the left side menu
  4. Find the post you want to promote and select it using the checkbox.
  5. In the Actions menu select “Create Ad
  6. Choose Ad Post Location: Choose “Use Existing Campaign” and “Use Existing Ad Set” and select the Campaign and Ad Set where you want to create the Post Ad, and click Save to Draft.
  7. Rename your Post Ad to something meaningful, and continue editing the ad as you normally would.
  8. (optional but recommended) Enter these dynamic utm tracking parameters into the URL parameters field:{{}}&utm_content={{}}&utm_term={{}}

Duplicate your Post Across Multiple Campaigns and Ad Sets

Now that you have an Ad version of your post, you can duplicate it across all your accounts Campaigns and Ad Sets (if applicable). This allows you to assign more budgets to key audiences, target specific geographies, etc…

  • Select your Post Ad and click the Duplicate button.
  • Select a Campaign to duplicate to
  • Select Ad Sets within your Campaign to duplicate to. It is often fastest to click the “Add to All” link and then remove the Ad Sets that you don’t want to copy to. Important to note that the “Add to all” link will add both disabled and enabled Ad Sets, and will only add to a maximum of 20 Ad Sets.
  • Click Duplicate
  • Remove “Copy” from the Duplicated Ad names. Duplicated Ads will have the word “ – Copy” appended to the name. This should be removed to keep things neat and tidy. Once the ads are duplicated, they will open up in the Ads Editor with all duplicated ads selected. Take this opportunity to edit the title and remove the word Copy from it. If duplicating multiple ads, exit the ad editor and use the Find & Replace functionality to strip “Copy” from the ad names.
  • Verify and Publish Changes. Ensure your copied ads are active / inactive as required, and publish your changes.
  • Repeat this process for each Campaign you wish to copy your Post Ad into

Schedule Individual Ads

You can use Rules to schedule the launch of your Post Ads in sync with your actual page post:

  1. Copy the name of your ad
  2. Create a new Rule: In Facebook Ads Manager, click the Rules > Create New Rule button. Alternatively in the Ads Editor you can click the three dots in the top right corner and select Create Rule
  3. Action: Turn on Ad
  4. Apply Rule to: All Paused Ads
  5. Conditions: Name contains (your ad name from step 1 above); Current Time is greater than (your ads launch date and time)
  6. Rule Name: Name your rule something meaningful and consistent. You can rename this later if you want. eg: Dec 27 9AM Post Launch

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