Adding Microdata to your Shopify Product Pages (with variant support)

If you are using Google Merchant Center to drive either your Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) or for your Dynamic Remarketing Ads, you have likely ran into an issue where Merchant Center will sometimes give you a warning that there is insufficient match of micro-data information and that it is no longer performing automatic item updates. Here is the Fix.

DIY Facebook Product Feed for Shopify [deprecated]

Deprecated! I am no longer updating / maintaining this code. Use at your own risk! UPDATE Oct 10, 2019: I have switched to using the Shopify Facebook Marketing App (but not the Shopify Facebook Sales Channel which should be avoided) to sync my product catalogs with Facebook. Although not perfect, it does the job well […]

Shopify: Fix your Google Analytics Product Performance Reports

The Problem: By default Shopify includes product variant details in the product’s name when it sends e-commerce data to Google Analytics, . If you sell clothing ,or shoes, or other products with color and size variants, then your Product Performance Report becomes too granular. This is a bug, because there already exists a “Product Variant” field in Analytics, […]

Shopify Cancelled Orders and Google Analytics

By default, when you cancel an order in Shopify, that transaction remains as positive revenue in your Google Analytics. To “cancel” the transaction in Google Analytics you have to send a negated version of the transaction. To do this in Shopify you have to create a Webhook on Order Cancelled that hits a script (located on […]

Add Color Swatches to your Shopify Collections Page

DEPRECATED: Please note that the code below is no longer supported. I am unfortunately not in a position to help troubleshoot any implementation issues you may have. Below is some code for your Shopify store that will display color swatches for your products. Install this on your Collections page within your Product Loop. If your theme has […]