Analytics Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Custom Column Setup

This custom column setup gives a good ROI focused review of your e-commerce campaigns and ad sets.

OrderColumn Name
1Object Names & Ids > Campaign Name
2Object Names & Ids > Ad Set Name
3Performance > Delivery
4Ad Relevance Diagnostics > Quality Ranking
5Performance > Attribution Setting
6Performance > Impressions
7Performance > Reach
8Performance > Clicks (All)
9Clicks > Outbound Clicks
10Performance > CTR (All)
11Clicks > Outbound CTR
12Conversions > Adds to Cart: Total
Deselect all sub-categories
13Conversions > Purchases: Total
Deselect all sub-categories
14Conversions > Purchases: Value
Deselect all sub-categories
15Conversions > Purchases: Cost
16Performance > Amount Spent
17Goal, Budget & Schedule > Budget
18Performance > Frequency
19Conversions > Purchase ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
Deselect all sub-categories
  • Select “Save as Preset” and name your column set “ROAS”
  • Click the column icon and select “Set as Default”

Custom Metrics

Columns > Customize Columns > Create Custom Metric

Optionally, create the following custom metric

Cost of Sales

The percentage revenue spent to acquire a sale. This is a more business centric metric than ROAS, and is simpler to understand at a glance if a particular campaign is profitable or not.

NameCost of Sales
DescriptionAd spend as a % of revenue.
FormulaAmount Spent รท Purchases Conversion Value
Who can access thisEveryone