Alex is a seasoned tech entrepreneur with a passion for digital marketing, business innovation, and simple elegant solutions to complex problems. Alex has a strong track record in helping businesses amplify their digital marketing results profitably, while identifying and reducing wasted spend.

Alex is a software developer by trade, a creative at heart, with a mathematician’s mind. His wide range of skills and experience in product development, user experience, marketing, business operations, recruiting, HR, legal, etc… provide unique insights into many topics.

Alex co-founded the highly successful eLearning startups and Fresh Air Educators inc in 2000 and 2005. Alex was the technical leader for both companies. He was also the head of product, innovation, and digital marketing. His natural skills in web usability & product design combined with his data driven marketing approach were critical in growing the companies from zero to $10M+ in sales and 50+ employees. Both companies were sold to a private equity firm in 2017.

Today, Alex gives digital marketing strategy advice to companies such as Manitobah Mukluks (Canada’s fastest growing footwear brand according to the Profit500) and Gongshow Gear (the category king for lifestyle hockey apparel). His pragmatic, skeptical, and data driven approach to performance marketing helps companies grow rapidly and profitably.

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  1. Hello Alex

    I have seen your Adwords retargeting codes for Shopify stores on Shopify forums. I would like to ask if there is any guideline to set up retargeting through Google Analytics?

    Thanks a lot for any recommendation.


      1. Hello Alex

        Thanks for your reply. I have noticed that Google has updated its remarketing tags. Now its called Global site tag. Would you recommend Shopify stores to update to the new remarketing tag or its ok to keep the previous tag?

        Thanks for your help.



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