Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Default Column Setup

Facebook default column setup for ROI focused e-commerce campaigns.

Here is my recommended Facebook default column setup for ROI focused e-commerce campaigns, that should enable you to quickly see the performance of your campaigns and adsets.

First go to the Campaign view and then into:
Columns Icon > Customize Columns

Select the following columns in this order:

OrderColumn Name
1Object Names & Ids > Campaign Name
2Object Names & Ids > Ad Set Name
3Performance > Delivery
4Ad Relevance Diagnostics > Quality Ranking
5Performance > Impressions
6Performance > Reach
7Performance > Clicks (All)
8Clicks > Outbound Clicks
9Performance > CTR (All)
10Clicks > Outbound CTR
11Conversions > Adds to Cart: Total
Deselect all sub-categories
12Conversions > Purchases: Total
Deselect all sub-categories
13Conversions > Purchases: Value
Deselect all sub-categories
14Conversions > Purchases: Cost
Deselect all sub-categories
15Performance > Amount Spent
16Goal, Budget & Schedule > Budget
17Performance > Frequency
18Conversions > Website Purchase ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

Select “Save as Preset” and name your column set “ROAS”

Click the column icon and select “Set as Default”

Optional: Custom Columns

Optionally, create the following custom columns

% Cost of Sales

This indicates what percentage of your sales are going towards Facebook ads cost. This metric is the inverse of ROAS, but is often easier to understand for business owners, as it shows ad spend as a cost of sales.

NameCost of Sales
DescriptionAd spend as a % of revenue.
FormulaAmount Spent รท Purchases Conversion Value
Who can access thisEveryone

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